As a woman, you need to make sure you take care of your health during your entire life, in order to avoid being ill. Women have a weaker immune system and this is why they are more prone to different diseases. If you want to find out more about such a subject, then here are the most common diseases that affect women of all ages.

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Heart disease

This is without a doubt one of the most common diseases that affect women of all ages. Nowadays, nearly 15% of girls with ages between 6-19 are overweight, which means that they have an increased risk of heart disease. Furthermore, there are also plenty of teenagers that smoke these days, and which also represent an increased risk of having such a health problem. Not only teenagers are in these situations, but elderly women as well. At menopause, a woman’s heart disease risk will start to increase significantly. Therefore, what you can do, as a woman, in order to avoid dealing with this disease during your life, is to have a healthy lifestyle that will not include smoking, too much alcohol, or fatty foods.

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Ovarian cyst

This is another common disease that women of all ages can deal with. It is also a disease that might appear due to the an unbalanced hormonal level. It is highly recommended that in order to discover this disease on time, you go to a gynecologist regularly. Twice a year would be absolutely perfect. However, if you deal with this health problem, then you must know that with the right treatment you will be healthy again, and you will also remain fertile.

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Due to hormonal changes, women of all ages could deal with acne. Acne is a medical condition that cannot be solved unless you balance your hormones. It certainly looks absolutely terrible, and this is the main reason why lots of women become quite frustrated. However, it is not something that cannot be solved, and with the right treatments you can definitely obtain an excellent result. All in all, these diseases that can affect all women no matter the age, presented in this article will certainly help you understand how important it is to take care of your health in order to enjoy life to the fullest.