Are you looking to lose a few kilos? Maybe you just you want to achieve the look of a toned body. Whether you are thinking about losing weight or you just want to stay in a good shape, you should know that there are a few fitness devices that can keep you safe while working out.

Microsoft Band 2

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Whether you are running, walking or rowing on a machine, there is nothing more useful than a fitness tracker. It can monitor your activity, and provide you with accurate information about your heart rate. Plus it is able to track your steps and your sleep. If you are not convinced yet, maybe Microsoft Band 2 will be able to persuade you. Microsoft Band 2 is one of the most accurate activity trackers available onthe market. It comes with an interesting design and plenty of features which turn it into one of the most accurate devices ever. It features a 320 X 128 AMOLED display and it is compatible with Windows, iOS and Android.
Microsoft Band 2 is a versatile product which packs 11 sensors:

  • capacitive sensor
  • GPS
  • skin temperature sensor
  • optical heart rates sensor
  • 3-axis accelerator
  • gyroscope
  • UV sensor
  • the barometer to measure track stairs, hill climbed, altitude and more.

Most fitness enthusiasts are using this unit, because it is perfect for the gym, walking, running, and many other sports. However, it costs around $199.00 and it has short battery life. It can work only two days without being charged.

Omron HBF-306C

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Do you want to lose weight, but you don’t find an accurate body fat analyzer which can help you achieve the desired result? In this case, you should try the Omron HBF -360C body fat analyzer. This device is one of the most efficient units that can provide you with readings of weight and body fat. It has two modes: athletic and normal and gives you results based on your exercise regiment. The accurate results will be delivered in approximately seven seconds. Therefore, if you are thinking about using a device which can measure any body part including arms, hips, waist and more, it’s recommended to buy the Omron HBF -306C body fat analyzer.

Spree SmartCap With Integrated Heart Rate Monitor

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In order to keep you safe while working out, you can confidently use the Spree SmartCap. This is an amazing item which gives you detailed information about your heart rate, body temperature, calories burned and movement. Plus, it is also used as sun protection. Additionally, you should know that it is compatible with Android and iOS. Moreover, if you are thinking about purchasing such a device, you need to know that its package also includes a sensor POD, headband, charging cable and manual.If you are a fitness enthusiast, you already know that there are hundred of gadgets that keep you safe while working out. From the most accurate fitness tracker to some body fat analyzers with innovative features, everything seems to be going in the right direction.