There are many proven health benefits of suing a spa and these days more and more people choose to take care about themselves by going to the spa at least one day per week. Unfortunately, there may be some health risks associated with the spas, such as skin irritation, burns and so on. Moreover the fact that you share the saunas, hot tubs or the pools with other people or you can seriously affect your health, so you should be more cautious next time when you visit your favorite spa center.
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Pseudomonas dermatitis

This infection is also known as hot tub rush and its main cause is the germ called Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Usually, this bacterium is commonly found in hot tubs or swimming pools that aren’t chlorinated enough. Once you get infected by the germ, your skin becomes itch and the ears may develop an infection. The rash usually appears after several days and it goes away on its own. However, if you notice that your rash doesn’t disappear, you should go and see a doctor.
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Overheating and Burns

Another health risk you expose to at when you go to the spa is the overheating and burns as a result of using a sauna. The temperature inside a sauna can often reach 190-195 F which may raise the temperature of the body too much. The symptoms related to overheating are dizziness, stomach pain or arrhythmia. At the same time, the hot air inside the sauna can cause burns that could be very dangerous. Therefore, if you want to avoid these health risks, you should not exceed 30 minutes per session and make sure that the temperature inside the sauna is the one recommended one.
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Escherichia coli and Shigellosis

Escherichia coli and Shigellosis are bacteria that are usually found in poorly maintained pools and they can seriously affect those who contact them. The fact that the water in the pools is not efficiently chlorinated or the people who use them may be contaminated by these bacteria, your risks to develop fever, diarrhea or stomach pains, can seriously increase when you swim in the public swimming pools.