All of us should have a very healthy lifestyle in order to protect our health and feel full of energy at all times. Elderly people need to do this even more, as they are more prone to different diseases. Therefore, if you are an elder person, then here is how to stay healthy in your 60s.

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Eat healthy

If you eat healthy, then your immune system will be stronger and you will definitely avoid being ill. A diet rich in vitamins will help you improve your overall health. Fresh vegetables and fruits should not miss from your diet. You must also go for fish and nuts as well. Meat is not recommended, but if you decide to go for it, then at least cook it on a grill without any oils or sauces. Try to avoid fatty foods as much as possible as they can make you have a high cholesterol which is very dangerous to your health. Once you start to eat healthy you will notice that your health will improve and that you will become a more energetic person as well.

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Exercise regularly

For maximizing the results you do not only need a healthy diet, but you also need to exercise regularly. There are many types of cardio exercises that elderly people can go for, and you must definitely choose one and go for it regularly. You can try a treadmill or a stationary bike. It is recommended to talk to your doctor before you actually go for a certain workout, and ask him if you are allowed to do that type of exercise. Once you have the information you must definitely exercise regularly in order to improve the quality of your life.

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Spend more time in nature

If you are wondering how to stay healthy in your 60s, then this is a great thing that you must do in order to achieve your goal. Spending time outdoors, surrounded by nature will certainly help you improve your physical health and the mental one as well. For example, you can go in the park as often as you can, or if you have the possibility you can go to the mountains or in the woods as well. By doing this as often as possible instead of staying indoors, you will certainly have a stronger immune system and live much longer as well.