We all worry about the quality of the air that we breathe when we’re outdoors, but we tend to forget that the quality of the indoor air isn’t any better either. But is indoor air actually that dangerous to your health? To find out if it presents a big health threat or not, read the following lines.
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Symptoms that appear when there’s indoor air pollution

When levels of indoor air pollution reach worrying levels, you and the rest of the people who live in the house will be experiencing some unpleasant symptoms. The most common symptoms that appear are coughing, headaches, dizziness, watery eyes, sneezing, fatigue, and upper respiratory congestion. Once you leave the room in which the air is heavily contaminated or your home, you will notice that these symptoms disappear. If this happens, it’s time to take appropriate measures to clean the indoor air and stay safe from various health problems.

Health effects of indoor air pollution

If you don’t do anything to rid the indoor air of the pollutants and contaminants that lurk in it, over time you will be inevitably exposed to severe health issues. The respiratory health issues that might appear over time include severe lung disease, pharyngitis, dyspnea, rhinitis, epistaxis, and worsening asthma. Other severe health effects of contaminated indoor air with which you enter into contact with regularly are myalgia, tachycardia, conjunctival irritation, lethargy, and anorexia.
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Place the Oransi Max HEPA OVHM80 air purifier in your home to ensure that you’re breathing clean and safe air

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