The back pain is a common condition among many people and usually one of the main reasons why this is happening is an inadequate position throughout the day. All the daily activities, including the household tasks, eventually lead to the common over-use strains which in time will transform into back pains. You may not think about this as a serious problem, but every time you vacuum or cut the grass, your back is at risk of developing serious back pains. So, let’s see which are the most dangerous chores that can affect the health of your back.
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All people have to vacuum their homes and this is why this chore is one of the most dangerous enemies for your back. The main reason why is this happening is because whenever you reach your arms and bend at the waist, the muscles of the back can easily strain causing back pains. The same is with mopping or sweeping the floor, so you have to do something to avoid straining your back. A good idea would be to warm your muscles before doing these chores by stretching them for several minutes. Also, you have to learn the proper vacuum technique that may help you a lot if you want to avoid any back problems. However, another great solution to avoid back pains is to use a robot vacuum because it will do all the job for you, without having to strain your back never again.
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Cutting the Grass

Those who live in a house know how difficult is to maintain the lawn and how can this chore lead to back pains. Just as vacuuming, cutting the grass may affect your back by straining the muscles, so in time you may feel pain or develop other back problems. Therefore, in case you use a push mower which requires more force from you, you have to make sure that you use your core muscles in order to have an adequate position. The other types of lawn mowers, such as gasoline-powered, or electric lawn mowers are easier to use, but this doesn’t mean that your back isn’t at risk. So, be careful and whenever you use the lawn mower try to maintain an adequate position all the time in order to avoid any back pains.
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Shoveling the Snow

Again, this chore can seriously affect your back because handling a shovel involves straining your upper and lower muscles of the back. Therefore, every time you lift the shovel, the back will be forced to deal with a certain pressure. In order to avoid any back pains, you should keep the shovel close to the body and avoid overreaching because this will lead to an inadequate position. Also, make sure that you bent at your knees and not at your back as many people are tempted to do. As an alternative, you can use a snow mower that will help you remove the snow efficiently without having to put pressure on your back. Moreover, besides the fact that a snow blower is easy to use, it can remove high amounts of snow and even ice, making your pathways safe all the time. Furthermore, a snow blower will save you time, transforming this chore into a more fun activity for you and your family.