Although men and women are prone to health problems in equal measures, there are some diseases that tend to affect one gender more than the other. In this article , we will refer to the ones that involve men and that should become a top priority at any age, particularly as men get older. Let’s discover the most serious health concerns men should have and how to stay away from them.
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Heart problems

Heart diseases are a top health problem among both men and women but men tend to be more affected because they are less careful with their heart condition. High blood pressure due to improper blood circulation, high cholesterol caused by a bad diet, strokes favored by stress, and strenuous work that damages the heart are only a few of the causes of heart diseases. More care and attention to their heart health, regular doctor checks, an active and healthy lifestyle and less stress are details that make the difference in the heart health of men.

Lung cancer

As affected as the heart are the lungs of men that are almost constantly exposed to toxins and chemicals. Smoking is the number one threat for the lungs as more than half of men are addicted smokers who can’t or don’t want to quit. A man who has been smoking for over 30 years needs to perform a
screening that will help detect and even prevent lung cancer, so a visit to the doctor is mandatory.
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Liver cancer

The liver is also at risk of suffering damage over the life of a man especially if the man in cause is used to drinking alcohol in large amounts. Alcoholic liver cancer is commonly seen in usual drinkers but men can also suffer from hepatitis, autoimmune liver disease, bile duct cancer or liver cancer. A healthy diet and less alcohol are the first steps to take in order to protect the health of the liver.


Men can also be affected by diabetes especially if they have a case in their family because diabetes is a hereditary disease. In case it is not treated in time, diabetes can lead to severe complications like kidney damage, heart disease, loss of vision, and even death. Eating less sugar, following a balanced diet, and being an active person can diminish the risks of diabetes in men but only regular blood sugar level checks can target and fight diabetes.
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Prostate cancer

The prostate is a gland that only men have and that has much to do with their health condition. Although it affects senior men, prevention and care need to occur at an early age. The prostate is responsible for holding the urine and once it no longer does a good job, men suffer from urinary incontinence and need to go to the bathroom more often. Prostate cancer is the severe damage of the prostate and over 80% of men die with it without even knowing they have it. Common causes of this type of cancer are genetics, age, improper diet, obesity, and medication.