A healthy life automatically involves eating healthy, but few people are aware of the mistakes they make in the kitchen, mistakes that can ruin their health. In order to prevent a wide range of health problems that involve high cholesterol levels, stomach aches, poor digestion, overweight, and much more, we offer you some tips for healthy cooking.
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Use Olive Oil Instead of Butter

If you used to add butter to make your food tastier, you need to know that you were adding fats that would eventually deposit inside your body. Although it’s very flavored and adds a particular taste to your food, butter should be avoided because it is an animal fat that could ruin your diet. Olive oil is a healthier alternative that is also very tasty due to the oriental flavor of the olives. Add it to various dishes like salads, vegetables, and even meals prepared at high heat because, unlike popular beliefs, olive oil has a high boiling point.

Consider Getting a Gas Grill

Broiling the food is the worst cooking method while boiling might be healthy but it takes away the nutrients in food. The question that arouses is which cooking method is healthy and tasty at the same time, and the answer is grilling. Therefore, the gas grill should be part of your healthy cooking arsenal and you will soon wonder how you could ever cook without it. The latest gas grills offer the perfect cooking environment and make the food taste great.
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Choose Only Lean Meat

Eating healthy doesn’t mean eating only fruits, vegetables, cereals, and other fat-free foods. You can always have a piece of meat as long as you know how to choose and cook it. The meat in your dishes should be very lean, with few or no signs of fat so make sure you opt for poultry, beef, or fish instead of the juicy pork. A great tip would be to marinate the meat to make it tastier so you won’t feel the urge to add extra fats or salt.

Add Vegetables to Your Plate

Most people cook meat and forget about vegetables, which is not good for their health or their diet. Veggies are extremely beneficial, rich in vitamins, proteins, nutrients, fibers, and low in calories, not to mention the variety of flavors they add to the plate. Therefore, a simple yet important tip for cooking healthier food is to use as many vegetables as possible, and even fruits.
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Seasonings Over Salt

It’s known that the salt is not good for you and that it can seriously alter your health, make you fat, and cause problems with your kidneys. It’s also known that food without salt is food without taste, so what can you do to avoid the harmful effects of salt but still obtain delicious foods? The answer is in the seasoning and luckily, you have plenty of spices to choose from. Give your food an intense flavor by adding fresh herbs and spices and you will not need to add more salt.